“Up From The Deep” Group Show Opening

When:Tuesday July 10, 2012
Where:TNC Gallery
155 First Avenue
Manhattan, NY

From TNC Gallery:
Join TNC Gallery as they present, “Up From the Deep,” an exhibit of 15 artists probing the fathoms of memory, dreams, myth and states of being. The show ranges from photography, to mixed media, fabric sculptures, and good old colored pigment smeared on flat surfaces. First time curator Jeff Faerber includes 14 talented artists and, in an act of shameless nepotism, himself .


Jeff Faerber
Andrew Smenos
Rusty Zimmerman
Fedele Spadafora
Ipek Sen
Rupa DasGupta
Buddy Nestor
Victoria Selbach
Barron Storey
Timothy Wilson
David Hollenbach
Reuben Negron
Jeremy Holmes

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